Lebih baik hancur lebur daripada tidak merdeka - Bung Tomo.

If translated to english, this quotes probably means (I tried my best): it is better to be destroyed than not to be free.
Bung Tomo is an Indonesian National Hero born in Surabaya, Indonesia on October 3, 1920. He gets Indonesian citizen (at that time still under Dutch control) to be on fired to chased for their freedom.

When I was a child reading about my country's heroes, I always feel motivated and proud to become Indonesian. A country that fight for their freedom, full freedom, until the last drop of blood, whatever happens, until become independent.

But, now, when war really happen around (the Palestine conflict), this quote feels real and kind of different.

I imagine my country have faced the same thing as people of Palestine although it's already 300 years ago. Even my grandfather who born before indepence day did not experienced war.

Maybe we, as independent person, who never experienced war think differently as people who experienced it themselves. We may think, why in the world it is better to be destroyed than not to be free? Why the two sides can not have agreement that satisfy both parties?

For my country, the answer is pretty easy, because it clearly IS my country's land. But with the war that happening now, both parties believe the land is theirs. 

★ Ok, now let's talk about the illustration.

- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Fresco

Bird means freedom. They can be keep in cages, but their real place is the unlimited sky above us.
From the ground, we have the flowers that spread their seeds. To grow beautiness.
There are also sun and clouds. Hopefully, God will radiate the warmth from the sun and the coolness from the clouds.

Also, sorry for my english! I hope at least they are understandable and... Thank you!

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